RDFa on PLoS

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  3. Ian Tindale

    FOAF, next?

  4. Ed Summers

    Wow, this is awesome news indeed! Thanks for posting about it.

    If you want to have dc:creator assertions that use a literal I wonder if you need to use the Dublin Core Element Set? So for example, should:

    “Dominique Muller” .

    instead be:

    “Dominique Muller” .

    Using Dublin Core Terms would be definitely be preferable; but I think you would need to use a URI for the creator then. Something like:


    But I imagine that might be tougher to do? Ahh, strings vs things …

  5. dragishak

    We don’t have unique author ID’s at the moment. Ideally authors would be resources and dc:creator would point to those. For now, using literals is the best we could do. Stay tuned for future improvements.

  6. dragishak

    Besides adding foaf for authors we are considering annotea http://www.w3.org/2001/Annotea/ and biblio http://vocab.org/biblio/schema

  7. Dan Brickley

    This is really great news! Nice work :)

    If you are interested to add FOAF and need any help/advice/etc on that front, don’t hesitate to ask…

  8. dragishak

    dc:publisher and dc:creator are fixed to be a resource now.

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