Yugoslav New Wave Music From 80-ies

During first half of 1980-ies a wave of new music and art happened in former Yugoslavia. Not being a member of Warsaw Pact, communist Yugoslavia had more liberal system than the rest of East European countries. But specially after Josip Broz Tito died in 1980, his uncharismatic successors were unable to maintain his firm grip on society. People started discovering new freedoms.

Unfortunately, this creative period ended with fall of Yugoslavia and civil wars in 90-ies.

Here is a small collection of videos from that period: Link>

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  1. Alek Tarkowski

    Hi, Yugoslav music from that period is indeed great, but I don’t think that the greater political freedom enjoyed in Yugoslavia were responsible for that – amazing music was happening at that time also in Pact countries, for instance the outpour of Polish punk and cold wave bands such as Brygada Kryzys, Dezerter, Republika, Izrael, Klaus Mittfoch, and so on. I imagine it was similar all over the region.

  2. dragishak

    80-ies was time of experimenting music, art as well as in politics. The period coincided with political liberation. I agree that political freedom does not necessarily result innovative art. For example, although political freedoms are much greater now, art and music is mediocre.

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