Tagbanua musican from Palawan

So I finally fixed my computer and I can post some videos from our trip to Philippines last month.

He is playing an instrument made of wood neck and soda can.

Filmed in Tagbanua village, Napsan, Palawan island.

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  1. mango lover

    nice smooth cool style– like west (palawan)coast jazz. earlier i think he was using a bow to play this. is it a gitgit or kudyapi? does anyone know what song this is?

  2. Jason Agar

    What a rich sound from this ingenious instrument!


  3. laurie

    hoy jason! yeah, he really made it sing. i like this instrument, too.

  4. palmito

    Wow – that’s hot! Since I know next to nothing about Filipino music traditions, I was surprised to hear how “Western” / steel guitar it sounded to my unexpecting ears (at first I thought he was playing a blues song). Awesome.

    The rig reminds me of a kid I saw in Salvador, Brazil, who was ripping on a home-made berimbau made out of a twig, wire, and – for the resonator – a litre-sized plastic coke bottle with the bottom cut-off.

  5. laurie... bk

    hey greg! wish i could hear a soundclip of the improvised berimbau. what was the kid playing? wonder if anyone has written a concerto for coke bottle and six-packs.

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